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February 1st, 2016

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Mighty Dynamo Inc., incorporated January 23, 2012, was originally conceived as a holding bay for product concepts, stories, and ventures. It was an independent side-operation that ran parallel to my then full-time engagement with Autodesk.

It may seem like a lot of bother to incorporate purely with the objective to protect unformed concepts and ideas, but there are numerous factors that can contributed to this being a good idea. An active imagination, ample curiosity, and a modest level of ambition made more than adequate rationale.

The beauty of it is, the company, like a child, can be born with all manner of expectations, but it is, ultimately, defined only through its actions, successes and failures (the emulation of actually living). Interestingly enough, even though the entity was largely designed to be inactive, the act of forming it has directly influenced all subsequent choices that have lead to this very moment.

Today, Mighty Dynamo is a growing design studio and strategic consulting practice. It's deliberately small, but the right size to keep me and a crew of part-time staff, partners and freelancer collaborators busy.

The client work is dominantly assisting early-stage companies or kickstarting new initiatives at established organizations. Mighty Dynamo provides value by accelerating the conceptual phase (what the fuck are we doing?) as well as the 'get shit done' phase involving recruiting, out-sourcing, product strategy and go-to-market.

The goal of our in-house projects are to produce original products, no matter how seemingly insignificant or disconnected. I'm an advocate of leveraging personal passions as a differentiator, so you'll find us funding and working on everything from printed goods, physical products, story IP, digital apps, and even event productions.

As an objective, I want Mighty Dynamo to work with amazing people on interesting projects, big or small, to find clever solutions to crappy problems, to laugh (a lot), feel urgency when urgency is warranted, and get a whole lot of shit done.


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Chris Cheung is the founder and executive director of Mighty Dynamo Inc. With more than 20 years of experience driving B2B and B2C products, Chris is a proven creative leader in technology, design, and the creative space. He'™s been a successful agent of change at organizations such as Alias, Autodesk, and The Foundry. As a speaker, he has hosted creative conferences worldwide, presented workshops at TED in Long Beach, and had 2 minutes of fame on Apple's Keynote stage in 2012. His current projects are a deliberate balance of strategic consulting, partnering on bootstrap projects, and in-house development of really shit, but totally awesome, ideas.

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