Access to strong visual talent is priceless for virtually every industry, particularly those that don't think they need it.

In our case, we unequivocally NEED extra creative hands-on-deck, so it's just a matter of who, when and how to make it all work. As some of you probably know, it's a bit of a bingo-night when it comes to resourcing for a project. You need all the stars to line up to get the right person at the right time, so a practical approach is to find and build that creative network that widens the pool.

This is where my "Freelance Artists Wanted" post on ArtStation came in.

I fired this puppy out last Sunday, it gets approved within a couple of hours, and boom... 7 days later, we are sitting on over 1000 responses (and counting). Full disclosure: I've always been a super fan of ArtStation AND I collaborate with the dudes on a regular basis, but, even still, wow am I impressed.

Me and the crew have gone through about 250 portfolios and the quality of the pool is really looking super good. It will take a few more days to scrub through all of them before we can make any decisions, but, man, it's already hard to choose.

If you are one of the artists who reached out to us, thank you. We promise to go through each and every submission with the attention it deserves.

If you are an artist looking to log a few extra hours of creative time, we'd love to hear from you HERE. The genre is primarily sci-fi slanted, but we are interested in having access to a broad range of different styles and approaches.

Last but not least... Kudos to ArtStation!

Chris Cheung