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Our experimental Store is live and open for business, so it's a pleasure to

One could argue that the world doesn't need more stores, but this actually isn't about shopping more. We believe in LESS; that it's the little things that matter. So long as the little things are the right things for particular people, in this fashion they become special, mighty... mighty matter.

A good example of 'less' is Gemology Illustrated. It is part of our The Sparkliest brand; a shamlessly tribute to the love of precious stones. Diamonds are a huge industry, just massive, but despite this, in many ways, the category is underserved. With Gemology Illustrated, we present 6 vivid renditions of iconic diamonds that celebrates their optical beauty and wondrous properties. Though these were not forged in the belly of the earth over millions of years like the originals they pay homage to, their value is born from the artist who captured her own genuine passion for these stones to share them with the world: available in a variety of affordable form factors.

Mighty matters, so shop MiDy!

Chris Cheung